The c_hannel correction_ indicates that your guest has booked a room for another rate than specified in your RoomRaccoon account. The price difference needed to be corrected. RoomRaccoon PMS always applies the rate that the guest actually booked.

A channel correction does not necessarily mean that something is wrong. Let us give you the most likely causes for a channel correction: 

Promotions & Genius Booker discounts

A lot of booking channels such as encourage hoteliers to set up promotions. Think about last minute discounts, early bird promotion or a Genius booker discount. 

When you set up such a promotion, the booking channel recalculates the price that RoomRaccoon PMS has send to the channel. Let's say you give a 5% discount for a last minute booking. Then the scenario looks like this: 

RoomRaccoon PMS sends the rates (i.e. €100,-) that you have set up in the Channel Manager recalculates this rates to a rate with a 5% discount and offers your room to their bookers for €95,-

You receive a new booking

RoomRaccoon PMS processes the new booking and corrects the price difference of €5,- with a channel correction


From the perspective of the booking channels, promotions are a great tool to offer the lowest rate in comparison to their competitors. Please keep in mind, however, that a for example a Genius promotion causes your room to be cheaper on than on your own website. 

We recommend therefore not to set up promotions but to use your RoomRaccoon Channel Manager to give a last minute discount. By doing this, you make sure that you give the discount on all your connected channels including your own website.

Booked Add-Ons

It is also possible on a lot of booking channels to offer add-ons. Breakfast is one of those very popular examples. Let us have a look at the information RoomRaccoon receives from in the case an add-on is being booked. 

RoomRaccoon PMS sends the rates (i.e. €100,-) that you have set up in the RoomRaccoon Channel Manager to displays this price to their bookers, but allows breakfast (€10,-) as an add-on to be added to the booking

The total amount of the booking is now €110,- which sends to RoomRaccoon

RoomRaccoon matches the booked rate type and recognises the additional €10,- which is being added as a channel correction


If you want to offer your guest to book a room in your hotel or B&B incl. breakfast, we recommend that you set up rate types that include breakfast. This has several advantages such as that you do not get any more channel corrections and your are found on if guests filter for breakfast included rates. 

Yes, you will have to pay commission for the breakfast price as well, but note that this is also the case if you offer breakfast as a bookable add-on on
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