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The Difference Between Closing a Room and Closing the Check-In/Check-Out

On RoomRacccoon you are able to close or block rooms in the reservations manager and close checkout or check-in in rates and availability. This is however not the same thing as each action will give you a different outcome.

To close a room prevents the room from being booked and essentially this works as a full block of the room. This is a great feature if you want to block your room for bookings during maintenance or renovations.

How to close a room

Access reservations.

Find the room you want to close and click on the first day you’d like to close the room.

On the reservation click the departure date and change the status to blocked.

Click Save

Your room overview will now be greyed out to let you know it’s blocked or closed.

Closing check-in or check-out is a restriction in which you determine on which you select days you cannot arrive or depart for selected rate. This is not the same as closing the room because guests can book in advance over a specific period.

How to close check-in and check-out

Access your rates and availability

Find the rate type which you want to close the check-in or check-out for.

Click the drop-down.

Check the box on check-in closed and click on the green tick. You can also set minimum and maximum stay days here.

Good to know

For more on how to close or block a room, click here.
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