Almost all users of our software create invoices from RoomRaccoon. Over time, the software has gained more functions. In this manual we will explain the basics of invoicing in RoomRaccoon and we will also go through all the extra options.

1.1 The Proforma invoice
1.2 Tax invoice
1.3 Payments

The basics of invoicing

1.1 The Proforma invoice

The pro forma invoice is automatically generated for every reservation that enters RoomRaccoon. The pro forma invoice is an example of what the invoice will look like. In case of payment after the stay, the reservation can be checked out and the pro forma invoice becomes an invoice. If the stay is in the future but the customer already wants an invoice with an invoice number or if you want to invoice a prepayment as a hotelier, you can already submit part (or all) of the invoice. You can read more about this in prepayments

When the reservation is checked out, the pro forma will be converted into an invoice. Please note that it is no longer possible to change this invoice. If you want to make a change in the name, this invoice will have to be credited. You can read more about this at credit Invoice.

1.2 Tax invoice

When checking out a reservation, a check-out invoice is made. On this invoice the invoice number will be followed by 'Check-out Invoice' in case parts of the invoice have been invoiced. The invoice will always be made on the name of the main booker:

It is possible to opt for an invoice in which the length of stay is invoiced per night or in which the total amount of accommodation can be read in one line. This is an option that can be selected and passed on to a RoomRaccoon employee. This is a once-only choice that can be made, after which it can no longer be changed. The two examples are shown below.

1.3 Payments

In the lower right corner of the reservation it is stated that a payment can be entered. If this is not filled in, this reservation will be considered as not paid for in your administration. Also in this case the day end will not be correct. If a payment is made, it will always be visible on the check-out invoice, unless otherwise indicated. 

If no payment is added, an orange corner will remain visible in your calendar indicating that the reservation is still to be paid for. For your convenience and for the best and clearest figures, we recommend that you always register your payments. Don't forget to press save when adding the payment!

You add the payment by doing the following: 

Select the payment method

Add the initials of the person who is adding the payment. If you are using the multi login function which allows you to make different log ins for your employees this will be filled in automatically.

Fill in the amount that has been paid
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