Every country, province and city handles city tax in a different way. In the UK you probably do not have to worry about a city tax, but in other countries you might find city tax as a charge per person per night or a percentage over your logies revenue. 

Therefore, RoomRaccoon PMS must be very flexible to be able to serve all those different needs. 

Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of your screen

On the account page, you will be able to choose the city tax type on your right: Percentage, valuta or none.

If you have chosen the valuta you will need to activate the price per person in the ratetypes.

Click on the key figure icon at the top left of your screen

Click on the name of the ratetype

Add your city tax here. If the rate is derived, you city tax will be calculated itself

Do you need to calculate VAT over the city tax? Let us know, so we can set this up for you.

 City tax for children

This option is only available if you handle a fixed price per person per night. Next to the adult city tax, you can enter a different amount for children. If there is no deviant rate to be set up, you can leave this value at zero.

The system will decide whether the adult or child rate needs to be taken into account based on the date of birth set up in the guest profile. The city tax will only be adjusted after this information is filled in and will not be taken over from any OTA.
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