How do you manually send a document?
You can do this by using the envelope icon in your reservation, at the bottom of the reservation you will see all the documents. No envelope? Then you have not added a mailadres to your booker and you would need to do this first.  When you have entered the correct email address to the booker, the envelope will appear. By clicking on it, you will see the email address appear. You can change this if you wish and then you can send the document. 

How do you see if a confirmation has been sent?
Due to the fact that the envelope in the reservation changes from blue to grey. Sometimes it can happen that the envelope is still blue while a document has been sent. This may have to do with the language of the booker. Read more below.

What about the language?
When we get a good understanding of the language from a channel, you can see in the reservation under 'Booker' which language has been selected. The documents in the reservation will then be displayed in this language and sent, if they exist in this language. 

If RoomRaccoon does not receive a language from a channel or a language in which no document exists, the system returns to English. RoomRaccoon will then automatically send English documents.
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