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RoomRaccoon Website Builder

RoomRaccoon Website Builder

We understand the importance of a good website for any hotelier as this is usually the first contact point that guests access when making a decision to book. It is therefore imperative for your website to be not only aesthetically pleasing and professional but also have an easy user interface.

RoomRaccoon offers a cost-effective solution with various templates where you can build your professional website within a matter of minutes.

You can create a free account and customise your website to your satisfaction. The website will only be available for a fee as soon as we put it live for you. To action this you can either deliver the domain or purchase one from our subsidiary Domeinwinkel.

If you are interested click here to create an account or login. On the website, you can login or register by clicking in the upper right corner of the page.

Good to know

Upload high-resolution images on your website for a more professional website look.

The website includes web hosting and an SSL certificate.

For pricing info on the website builder, kindly see our updated pricing policy.

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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