We are excited to help you set up RoomRaccoon and go live as soon as possible. Our Customer Success Team allocates adequate 1:1 time with you during a period of 4 weeks to assist in setting everything up as well as to train you on all the fundamentals of using RoomRaccoon. The moment you go live with your first channel marks your finalised onboarding. After you boarded, we expect you to train your (future) staff in RoomRaccoon's fundamentals. Meanwhile, we will be helping you to use RoomRaccoon’s more advanced features to your best advantage so that you can get the most our of the RoomRaccoon system.

Channel Manager

Following your Channel Connection Request, we will guide you through getting the Booking Channels connected with RoomRaccoon and map all of your rooms & rates to the Channels, where we expect you to setup for setting up your listings according to our guidelines at the Channel. If you have an extraordinary combination of booking channels rooms rates (more than 5 of each), we will offer you a self-service guide to map all Rooms & Rates per Channel.

Response Times

Whenever you need our help, we will be happy to assist during office hours via e-mail or phone. You can expect us to reply within 1 business day.
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