RoomRaccoon Cloud Hotel Management is all about driving more direct bookings. While setting up your room types in your RoomRaccoon PMS, you can add an appealing description. This will help your guests to make a choice.

A few things to keep in mind

Your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine is linked to your website of your hotel or B&B. We advise you to use your website (not your Booking Engine) for a very detailed description of your different room types. In your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine, you should state a summary of the advantages of each room type rather than repeating the whole list of facilities.

Keep your description in your Booking Engine brief and to the point. Remember, your guests have already clicked on a call to action on your own website that led them to your Booking Engine. Your guests are ready to book! Try not to confuse or distract your guests with too detailed descriptions but rather assure your guests with one or two sentences that they are making the right choice. 

Translate your description

If your hotel or B&B is not located in an English speaking country, you should translate your description to English (and/or other languages). You will increase your international direct bookings significantly by doing so. 

Remember, the translations you fill in your property settings are used for your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. We advise you to only translate your descriptions to the languages that you and your staff actually speak well enough to serve your guests. If you offer your Booking Engine in foreign languages, you give your guests the impression that you speak the language which can lead to some very awkward (sometimes funny) situations during the check-in or on the phone.
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