The word restriction, in a literal sense, refers to limitation. Now, in RoomRaccoon, we do not view a restriction as a restriction, but rather as a relief!

A restriction can be in the form of a minimum or maximum stay. We also provide the option for the check-in or check-out to be influenced on certain days. For example, if you lose your OTA prizes from your own website prices, you can choose to force people who book via Booking, for example, to stay for at least 2 nights. You can also choose to close on certain sites in certain seasons to direct more traffic to your own website. You recognise a restriction on the orange corner in the channel manager.

Your RoomRaccoon channel manager is leading, so if you want to make an adjustment in prices or availability you will need to do this via our channel manager. If this is done via the Extranet, we will receive various error messages which can lead to a fault in the link and that is never fun!
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