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Reservations Breakfast List

Many hotels and B&Bs offer breakfast as well as a stay making it helpful to have a breakfast list. The breakfast list is automatically generated within the RoomRaccoon system.

To view your breakfast list simply navigate to your agenda above to the reservations breakfast list.

Here you can view all guests requiring meals during their stay.

Guests with breakfast included are seen with the cup icon (see below)

Guests without breakfast have a prohibition sign next to their names (see below)

Generate a list in advance by selecting the day you wish to view.

The guest name is included and the price type that is booked.

At the bottom a number of icons will be visible. These indicate the total number of rooms, the number of guests who continue to eat and also how many rooms have meals included.

View your add ons by selecting the drop down menu to the top right of your screen

Good To Know

Add-ons that you can think about that can be made visible on the breakfast list include gluten intolerance, bridal breakfast, champagne breakfast, etc. This way, you and your staff know exactly what to prepare for breakfast.
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