It is a very helpful feature for your hotel or B&B to instantly recognise the status of a booking right in your agenda without first having to open every single reservation. Let us have a look at the different statuses that you can assign to a booking in your RoomRaccoon PMS.

Blue | Confirmed booking: These bookings are confirmed.  

Green | Check-in: While checking in a guest, you should change the status of a booking from booked to checked-in. This will help you to quickly see whom of your guests you are still expecting for arrival. 

Light Blue | Checked-in Online: This is a guest that has made use of the online check-in form.
Grey | Checked-out: By changing the status of a booking from checked-in to check-out, the booking is being locked meaning that a definite invoice is being prepared for this booking. 

Brown | Option: Accepting options on a room for a date is a very useful feature if you welcome regularly wedding couples. An option is a not confirmed booking yet blocks the availability of the room for as long as you want to hold the option. 

Striped | Blocked: This room is blocked 

Blocking a room in your RoomRaccoon PMS prevents it from being bookable via booking channels, yet the occupancy does not count as a booking in your reports. 

Here is some information on identifying payment statuses

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