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RaccoonRev: Revenue Management System

The RaccoonRev revenue management system is designed to help you optimise your rates by being ahead of the competition and ensuring the best rates at the right time.

RaccoonRev lets you know how your competition is doing and how your rates are in comparison to them. The idea is to give you more data so that you are able to make more informed decisions and maintain a competitive advantage.

Competitor Set

Hoteliers must provide 3 competitors that they wish to benchmark themselves against.

The data comes from our partner OTA insight and is updated once a day every morning.

The competitor set can only be changed once every 6 months.

Customers can access their 3 main competitors' behaviour in their area regarding price and occupancy oscillation for the next 30 days

Competition (R2759.30) - Average price of all 3 competitors' rates over the next 30 days

Hotel A , B, C - Average price of each hotel over 30 days

What else is included in RaccoonRev

Unlimited Yield rule - you can yield on competitors' rates too

Booking Engine performance report.

Competitor benchmarking rates

Good to know

For more on maximum, minimum and average prices on RaccoonRev, click here.

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There are a number of calendar icons in your overview which have different meanings, for more on calendar icons, click here.

You can set Yield rules based on your competition’s rates. For more on how this is done, click here.
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