Processing reservations

In order to process data correctly in the bookkeeping, the data must first be processed correctly in RoomRaccoon. We are happy to explain how to process reservations correctly. We assume that you already know how to make a reservation, so we will only deal with the issues that are relevant for correct accounting processing.

Reservation status:
The reservation status may affect the processing of the accounting data. The advice is to keep track of the reservation status. The following reservation statuses affect the accounting. 

When you check out, an invoice is automatically created. This invoice will be processed at the next processing moment.

If you cancel a reservation that has already been processed, the booking will have to be credited. You can read more about this in the section Corrections.

The data processed relate to turnover, VAT and tourist tax.

If a (partial) payment is entered in the case of payments, a change in the accounting records takes place at the time of processing. Entering a (partial) payment means that, from the perspective of RoomRaccoon, payment has been made by the guest. The hotelier then knows that the guest who comes in no longer has to pay. It is possible, however, that the payment has not yet been credited to the hotelier's account. For example, because the guest has paid an OTA (Online Travel Agency) and has not yet paid this OTA to the hotelier. For a complete and correct processing in the accounts, all outstanding payments will eventually have to be € 0,-. 

Guests can automatically book add-ons or the hotelier can add add-ons to the reservation details page. In order to process the add-on correctly in the bookkeeping, it is necessary to select a general ledger account by type. If this does not happen, we will not be able to process the add-on in the bookkeeping. 

City Tax
When booking through an OTA, in many cases the tourist tax is not collected by the OTA. In order for the tourist tax to be processed correctly in the accounts, this part of the payment will still have to be processed manually on the booking details page. The method of payment of the tourist tax may therefore be different from that of the rest of the reservations.
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