As a hotelier, you may want to have a few agreements with different companies who stay in your hotel or B&B on a regular base. Ideally, these companies should be able to book with you directly via the booking engine and have their negotiated rate automatically in place.
With RoomRaccoon, this is possible! 

Go to the main booker of the company and add all data of the company. In the lower right corner you will find the option to make a negotiated rate. This negotiated rate will apply to all future bookings made by the company. You can choose to give a % on your rates or a fixed amount. Tick the rate types for which you want this negotiated rate to be valid for or select all of them. 

Now that you have set up the negotiated rate for the company, you can not only use it when you manually enter the reservation for the booker, but you are also able to give the company the opportunity to book directly via your booking engine. To enable this option, click in the main booker's account and click on 'manage booking agents'. 

If you have already added more bookers for the company, you will already see a code filled in at the corporate code. This code can be used by your business bookers to get access to the negotiated rate you have made in the booking engine. 

The booker can already use this as follows; on the booking engine you can insert a discount code in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it. In combination with the given email address and the personal code, the booker will now see their price agreements.

Want to add more corporate bookers for the same company? Click on the article below for more information!

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