RoomRaccoon offers the connection with the SEF via SIBA system, for sending information of foreign guests.

The connection works automatically - sending incoming and outgoing data every day (the same day and the previous 3 days).

Guest information is recorded in the booking details, from check-in and check-out.

The data is only sent if the registration in the reservation details is complete and the reservation status is changed to check-in or check-out.

If there is a lack of data, the guests' identification field will contain the orange marking in the upper left corner, as shown below:

How to request the connection

To request the connection of your PMS RoomRaccoon to the SEF it is important to ask the SEF to change the method of sending the files to "webservice". Usually the request is made via email and it takes about 2 days to confirm that it was done.

With this, simply send your account manager the following data:


Number of Establishment

Authentication Key

As the delivery is done automatically the delivery of the bulletins can be verified next to the account in SIBA.

And all this without any additional cost!

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