The majority of our customers use the booking button to the hotel reservation system. When someone presses this button, the complete reservation system will be opened in a new window. In this new window he or she can enter the desired dates and then view the offer with hotel rooms that are available during this period. We would like to inform you that this is not the only possible option.

Use a date picker on your own website

It is also possible to use our "check availability" widget. With this, a website visitor selects the desired data on the website of the hotel, not in the reservation system in the new window. When someone enters the desired data (on the website of the hotel) and clicks on the booking button, the available hotel rooms in the new window are immediately shown on the basis of these desired dates.

Why would you choose the "availability" widget?

It is certainly worth it to take a look at our "check availability" widget and test it. Because for some hotel websites this can lead to an improvement in the conversion rate. In the screenshot below it becomes clear that you can choose from two options. The first option is the usual booking button, the code must be copied and pasted in the current website. The code contains various styling elements that can be adjusted as desired.

The second option is the "check availability" widget. You must also copy and paste this code within the website. The beauty is that you can provide this dynamic code with your own custom data. In this case, this can be the check-in and check-out date selected on the current website.
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