Let guests upgrade their stay via the online check-in!

Would you like to generate more turnover? With the use of the up sell feature in the online check-in, you can offer extra services or products!

Offer an upgrade to a more luxurious room type.
Offer breakfast again for guests who have booked their stay excluding breakfast.
Offer any optional add-ons, such as bikes parking space or a late check-out

Upgrade room type:
Select the room key icon at the top left of your screen and click on 'edit room type' for the room type you would like to offer as an upgrade.
Check the boxes of the room type/s where the upgrade may be offered.
Add the amount for which you want to sell the upgrade, this amount will be added extra.
Add an appealing description

When you have created this option and the online check-in is sent, RoomRaccoon will check for availability in the system. If it is still possible to upgrade the room, the information will be displayed automatically for the guest.

Offer an add-on in the online check-in:
Select the room key icon at the top left of your screen and select the add-ons tab.
Click on the add-on you would like to offer at the online check-in.
Add a nice description that will entice your guests to book the extra service or product.
Check the 'Upgrade in the online check-in' box.
Navigate back to 'room types' and click on 'edit room type'; Check the add-on here!
If you only have a certain number of products of a specific add-on (eg bicycles), tick 'per multiple' and indicate the maximum limit. Are these add-ons already booked? This will not be reflected in the online check in!

This feature is included in the Pro-Package- ask in the chat to find out more!

You can temporary activate RaccoonUpsell! Click here to get right on with it!

- When you click on the link you will activate RaccoonUpsell immediately!
- Monthly cost is R 42.00 per room, with a minimum of R 420.00 and a maximum of R 840.00
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