Setting up invoices directly from the system is something that many people use. Some people use a link between their accounting system and RoomRaccoon but manually several data can also be derived from RoomRaccoon. 

To begin
In the pricing you will see that if you have a package deal,  the extra's connected to this deal are now visible. 

For example, a Discovery deal has been booked in this example. Below is written from where the total price is built. You also see that a circle is visible next to the amount. This indicates how much has already been settled in percentages.

Important to know!

You don't have to use the extra functions. The system still makes the proforma invoices and you can add things under the pricing which will directly add to the invoice. If you check this reservation out, then the proforma will become a definite invoice. Only if you wish to make split invoices or pre-payment in voices, you can do so and make that invoice definite straight away. 

The invoices
The invoices now have their own environment in each separate reservation. At the top of every reservation, a new invoice area has now been created for history.

An invoice can be made, a receipt and a credit note, all in the same screen. Due to the latest release, an invoice can also be sent to the guest and to the booker. Handy if, for example, you have to divide something between the company and the stayer. It is also possible to enter a description or a reason.
It is also possible to make credit notes. This can only be done before check-out.

All items included in the price calculation will appear in the invoice items area. It can be checked which items should and should not be on the invoice. In addition, it can also be indicated which amount or percentage has already been paid for, for example, the room.
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