RoomRaccoon offers a wide variety of online payment providers with which we connect. The PSP's (Payment Service Provider) we connect to right now are: 

Stripe (Recommended)

CardStream (United Kingdom only)

Peach Payments (South Africa only)

PayGate (South Africa only)

Prepayments can be collected automatically. With a prepayment you can be sure of your turnover in case of a no-show. You can easily oblige your guests to make a deposit payment between 10% to 100% when they make a reservation via the Booking Engine on your website. How does this work? A guest books and is then redirected to the PSP where the payment is made. The booking will then arrive in RoomRaccoon and in your selected PSP, you will find the transaction. This can be paid per day, per week or per month.

Charge credit cards easily. The credit card details are entered by your selected PSP and you (or your staff) only need to press the 'charge credit card' button to collect the amount. Your selected PSP automatically checks whether the credit card is valid. You will then find the transaction details in your PSP account.

Ensure that the privacy of the guest is guaranteed. All credit card details are kept safe because they are not visible in RoomRaccoon itself. 

Send payment requests: Send an email to your guests requesting partial or full payment. 

Transaction costs are lower: The transaction costs are significantly lower than at your own bank. For example, you don't pay a subscription fee and your selected PSP doesn't differentiate between the type of credit card the transaction is made with. 

Pre-authorising: Authorising a credit card means that you can reserve an amount on the guest's credit card. Attention: for the authorisation you are able to hold the amount for a maximum of 7 days.

Refund: Need to give a guest a refund? You can now do this from RoomRaccoon!
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