Sadly it happens to the best of us hoteliers. You have prepared the room for your guest who has booked via or Expedia and then... nothing. He or she simply does not show up. You have a no-show. 

Mark the booking as no-show in

Open the reservation in your Extranet. Here you will find a button to mark a guest as a no-show the day after the planned arrival date. Make sure to always mark no-show guests as will cancel the commission fee for this booking. will also add a note to the guest's booking history. If the guest frequently does not show up, he/she will be flagged which can help other hoteliers to prevent the unpleasant experience. 

Do you have credit card details? Great, try to charge them

If you have the credit card details, you will find the details now in your Extranet as well as in your RoomRaccoon account. Have you connected your RoomRaccoon PMS to the payment service provider Stripe? Use simply the charge button in your reservation. 

If you are not connected to Stripe, you can view the protected credit card details of a booker by filling in your RoomRaccoon password. You can view the details 3 times before they get deleted. 

In as wel as Expedia, you are only are able to view the credit card details for a limited time period. Make sure to NOT write down the details anywhere else. There is a reason for it that booking channels as well as RoomRaccoon protect these details which is to guarantee the safety of your guest's details. 

I have no credit card details...

We are very sorry to hear that, but unfortunatly there is little more that you can do. You could try to send an invoice to the guest, however, this is usually a waste of your time.
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