We offer a connection with HRS-DS, not with However, it is possible to import bookings from via HRS-DS to RoomRaccoon if a hotelier has a contract with both parties. It is also important to note that HRS-DS is a German company and does not have an English-language website or support in English. 

Our link to HRS-Destination Solutions (DS) is an XML link which means that prices, availability and restrictions can be communicated. 

The following steps are necessary to realize the connection:

An account with HRS-DS must be created. This can be done via this link:

The setting "HotelAdmin" must be set by an employee of HRS-DS.

The link must be requested from HRS-DS by e-mail or telephone. HRS-DS will then send you a form. After completing this form, the hotelier will receive the following information, which must be provided to RoomRaccoon:

Hotel object ID
Branch ID
(This may not be provided to the hotelier. In such cases, RoomRaccoon will receive this information directly from HRS-DS)

The HRS-DS extranet must be prepared. HRS-DS offers 9 price types for each room type. These are available from the start and can be named and used if desired. The settings can be made under Objects/Zimmer > HotelAdmin Einstellungen > Allgemeine Daten

In dit voorbeeld zijn 3 prijstypes in gebruik, waarvan het eerste een standaardtarief is, het tweede een tarief voor twee nachten en het derde in tarief voor drie of meer nachten.

If a fare can be booked for more than 2 persons, the additional price per person must be specified as "cancellation" in the extranet of HRS-DS. This must be done under Objects/Zimmer > Freischaltung/Preise. In this example there is a surcharge of 13€ per night per additional person. Please note that the good room and price type has been selected and the time frame is good. These settings must be repeated periodically, as RoomRaccoon cannot control them.

Then the overview looks like this:

If a rate has a restriction such as the one in this example, then only the normal restriction of RoomRaccoon will be controlled and a second "through" restriction will have to be entered manually.

Then the overview looks like this:

In RoomRaccoon, a single rate and a double rate must be created for each type of room. We will then complete the link.

The hotelier checks whether the prices and availability are correctly reflected in the HRS-DS extranet.

As a final step, the hotelier must schedule an appointment for an onboarding with HRS-DS. Only after this appointment will HRS-DS activate the listing and only then can a booking be made. Attention: HRS-DS is a German company and does not offer their onboardings in English.
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