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How to Request the Expedia Connection

How to Request the Expedia Connection

Access your Partner Central account

Select Room and Rates.

Click on Expedia Connectivity Settings

Choose RoomRaccoon and check all the boxes to have the complete connection (prices and availability).

Once this is done please send us your Expedia ID via our ticketing centre

Good to know

The RoomRaccoon Connectivity Team will receive an email from Expedia. We will finalise your connection with Expedia within 2 business days.

You may request Expedia to change the pricing model to "Occupancy Based". This is an automatic step however you may contact Expedia to speed up the process.

Expedia is only available on weekdays, so it is recommended that you sign up for Expedia on a weekday.

There is no added cost to connecting with Booking channels on RoomRaccoon.

For more on how to map rate plans to channels, click here

For more information requesting the connection, send us a request via our ticketing centre

Updated on: 01/08/2022

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