You use the automatic templates, but you prefer to make a small adjustment to them. For example, that there is a reference to the booker's name instead of the guest? That's possible! You can use our templates to edit them, in this article we will explain how.

Please note:

As soon as a custom template is created, it will no longer be included in the live updates. We are also unable to provide support for this and these will need to be updated by the hotelier him or herself. 

We will now go through all the steps you need to follow to create your own template.

Click on the wheel icon at the bottom left of your screen. Navigate to documents.

Click on the existing document (for example the booking confirmation) and scroll to the bottom of the page. If no document is activated yet then first activate the document by pressing the + new document button at the top left.

At the bottom of the document you will find  Show document code. Click on this and copy the code you will find here

Copy the full code and go back to the top of the document.

You will now have an empty document.

PNow paste the entire code in the content and click 'Source code' again, you will see the example of the template again but now it is possible to edit the text in the template. You can use the available replace tags to change the text. You can also use the template in a new document.

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