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How to Add a Reservation to the Agenda

A guest calls and wants to make a reservation. This article will explain you step by step what you need to do in order to add a reservation to the agenda.

Follow these steps

Open your agenda and click on the white box below the date and next to the room type that the guest wants to book.
Example: Room 05 for 25 February

A new window opens, first add the booker
You can either search for an existing booker or create a new booker.

Add a check in and check-out date.

You also have the option to add a remark, the estimated time of arrival and the origin of the booking in this section.

Choose the rate.

Fill in the guest details.

After having chosen a rate, you can see the price on the right side in the pricing section. You now also have the possibility to add a breakfast or a bottle of Prosecco, any add-on you want!

Click on save.

If necessary, you can now adjust the price by clicking on the pencil next to it or add a payment.

Good to know

What is the difference between the booker and the guest? The booker is the person who makes the reservation. This can for example also be a company. The guests are the people that stay in your hotel. You need the data of the guest for the registration form.

When the reservation is not paid yet, you can send a payment request to the guest.

Use RaccoonPay to have access to different kind of payment methods.
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