Making a new booking for your hotel or B&B is very easy with your RoomRaccoon PMS. Navigate to your agenda tab and use the date picker to navigate to the date that your guests wishes to arrive. 

In your agenda, you instantly can see which of your rooms are available. Click on an empty room in order to start making the booking. 

Reservation page

When clicking on an empty room, RoomRaccoon opens the reservation page for you. Always start with searching for a booker or add a new booker. Now you only need to select a rate type and make sure that the status of the booking is booked. Hit the save button and you are all done. 


Up-selling is always a good idea to increase revenue for your hotel or B&B. If a guests calls you with the request to make a booking, ask if he or she would like something extra on the room such as a bottle of wine by arrival or a late check-out. 

Simply add the add-ons to the booking. If you have added the add-ons to your RoomRaccoon PMS account, then the price will automatically be calculated. 

Confirming the booking

All done? Great, then you can send a confirmation of the booking to your guest by using the send conformation button. RoomRaccoon never sends confirmations of manually made bookings as you should be in charge of deciding if and when you want to confirm the booking.  

Can you not find the send confirmation button or is it not visible? Make sure that an e-mail address is added to the booker details. RoomRaccoon PMS can only send mails if it is known where the mail should be send to.
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