Pre-arrival emails can be used to remind your guest that they have booked an overnight stay and what time they can check in, but also to provide them with useful and fun tips. For example, send them an email with information about upcoming events, the closest sights and parking facilities, or alert them to the Add-ons you offer. This will show you that you are going for extra service. You can use the post-departure mail to get positive reviews and feedback.

With RoomRaccoon's PMS you can send these emails to your guests easily and in a personalised way.

How do I activate my automatic emailing?

Click on the gear icon at the bottom left

Click on the Documents tab at the top of your screen

Select the language you would like to edit or add

Click on add a new document to see the preview of the automatic template

Click on Account Settings and then go to Documents. Here you can upload a new document and assign it to the document type in the drop-down menu. Choose pre-arrival or post-departure as document type. 

Language & Lay-out

Specify the language and use the content editor to write the mail. If you don't want to load the mail as plain text, you can ask your web developer to look at it. In RoomRaccoon's PMS you can use any HTML template by copying it into the content editor.
You can use the replace tags option to personalise the mail. For example %guestname% will be replaced by the name of your guest.
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