Working together with booking channels can be a love / hate relationship. Yes they provide you with bookings, but that commission is no joke! 

As a hotelier, you want the guest to book directly with you. RoomRaccoon offers a booking engine where guests can book directly with you without commission costs. The layout can be adapted to the design of your website. Provide a complete booking engine to make it as attractive as possible for the guest to book directly.

Find our tips here:

Tip: Invest in a good website. Your website is your business card, the website should already convince the booker, so that only a selection needs to be made and booked in the booking engine. Are you looking for a (new) website? We also offer a website builder!

Tip: Invest in good photos and make sure the texts are attractive.

Tip: Translate your booking engine! Not only in English but also in other languages. If someone speaks your language or no English, they will be more inclined to book with the OTA because they can select their language there.

Tip: Offer a discount for direct bookers. You can choose to have lower rates or offer certain services including a welcome drink, for example. 

Tip: You can offer a discount code for direct bookers on your website or other media to prevent OTAs (online travel agents) from complaining about price differences in the offer. 

Tip: You can also add the discount code in your after-departure email when guests return you can motivate them to book directly.
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