Is your accommodation based in an area that has seasonal changes in rates and availability? Or would you like to set up a different rate for the weekend then your midweek? You will find out how to set this up in this article. It is first important to start setting up rates.

Once the rate types have been created you can start setting up the different seasons, and restrictions. To be able to do this, you should navigate to the below rates and availability symbol:

This will bring you to a similar page like below. From here you have an overview of what your rates are for the next couple of days per channel, any restrictions you have set up (min. stay, blocked check in/out etc.).

Step 1) select on the top the first day of the period you would like to change the rate or restrictions for
Step 2) click on the pencil next to the room type name, in this example: Luxury Suite.
Step 3) a pop up box appears which makes it able to make changes, do the following:

select the entire period you would like to make the changes for

select the rate types you would like to make the changes for

apply the rate or restriction applicable for this period

select the days this change will be apical for

click on synchronise to save the changes

Step 4) Check if the right period have been effected by the changes you have made.
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