Our housekeeping-list will make your daily jobs easier to manage. This list can be found within the agenda, under the header 'Housekeeping'.

If you click on this, a new page opens that shows all the rooms in use. A list can be made a few days in advance. You can do this by selecting a date different then today at the top left. It is important to know that the housekeeping list works in two environments. The area directly accessible from RoomRaccoon and the environment that is sent to the housekeepers. Once the list has been prepared, it can be sent to the housekeeping in its entirety including comments, status and add-ons. This is done via the mail. A link will appear in the email and as soon as this is clicked on, a new environment opens in which the housekeeping can check off the tasks.
The environment for housekeeping looks like this:

Clean: If the room still has to be cleaned, there will be an icon of a brush in front of the room. At the moment the housekeeping has cleaned it and check it off in their own online environment.
Status: Indicates what is going to happen in the room. If there are new people, they will stay overnight or check people out. Everything can be seen under the status. Also the occupation is included, handy for housekeeping to know how many towels they have to take for example!
Remarks: The hotelier when making a reservation are also included under the comment box. Here things can come up that might be interesting for housekeeping to know.

At the bottom of the list you will also see various icons. These show in a quick overview what the most important points of the day are. Also a housekeeper can mark something as broken or in need of maintenance. This will then show up under the following icon: 

Is something broken in the room? Maybe a broken window or a leak in the bathroom? If the housekeeping makes it stand out, they can indicate this directly to their surroundings and this is visible to the hotelier in the RoomRaccoon environment. This way you can act quickly and find a solution.

It is also possible to make add-ons visible on the housekeeping list. This can be done under the heading Add-ons:

Think of add-ons such as rose petals on the bed, etc
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