Not to worry... Your RoomRaccoon support team does not know your password, but we can reset a new password for you at any time. Please get in contact with us in order to do so. Also, please keep in mind, that stored credit card detailed are also protected by the old password. 

Resetting the password will not influence the password used for the credit card details protection. Therefore, you may want to put good thought into the password that you have forgotten. Alas, this is probably less urgent right at this moment. Right now, above all, you want to be able to log in, right? 


Before you take the action of asking us to reset your password, there is one thing that you want to check first: 

have you changed your e-mail address in your RoomRaccoon account?

If you have changed your e-mail address in your RoomRaccoon PMS account, the login definitely has changed too. Your e-mail address that is set in your account settings is also used for your log-in name. Changing the e-mail will also change the log-in name of your account.
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