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Guests & Bookers

Guests & Bookers

Your hotel or B&B is home to many guests. However it's not always the case that these guests have booked themselves in, especially if you welcome frequently corporate guests. Therefore, your RoomRaccoon PMS makes a difference between bookers and guests.


Every reservation should have a booker which is why you always should fill in this information first while making a booking. A booker is the person who makes or requests the booking. The details of the booker are also stated on top of the invoice of the booking.

For each booker, RoomRaccoon creates an account with a unique ID and you can specify detailed information such as the address, language and notes that RoomRaccoon should remember about this booker.

Once the booker enters their email address, RoomRaccoon will send them their unique account code which will recall information from previous bookings once entered into the PMS. You can also specify a price agreement or a discount percentage for each booker individually.


The guest is the person who will stay in your hotel. As the booker is often also the actual guest who will stay in your hotel or B&B, RoomRaccoon PMS suggests automatically the booker details as the guest name. 

If you want to change the guest name, you can simply overwrite the name of the booker in the reservation.

You can edit which guest fields you want to show, or make mandatory to be filled in! You can do this at the bottom of your account settings page:

Good to know

My guests are struggling to validate bookings - This could be due to guests not filling in mandatory fields. You can customize the mandatory fields you want your guests to fill in on your booking engine through the guest data section of your account.

Updated on: 25/07/2022

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