In addition to all the functionalities that are standard in the software, RoomRaccoon also has the ability to process financial data. There are two ways to do this. The first is a fully automated accounting link and the second is the financial reporting in RoomRaccoon. If you have chosen to use one of the two options, it is advisable to read this manual completely. RoomRaccoon will work with the data that is produced in our software. If data is not or not correctly produced in our system, then it is also not possible to correctly process it in the reporting or accounting. This document is intended for RoomRaccoon users and for the user's accountant.

General procedure
As you probably know, RoomRaccoon was created to improve the operation of a hotel in Breda. The software of RoomRaccoon can save the entrepreneur a lot of time and money, provided that good use is made of it. RoomRaccoon and also the additional financial module influence your business operations. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, we would like to give you insight into the operation of the financial module and show you how you can set up your business processes optimally.

Information processed by RoomRaccoon
RoomRaccoon is basically a hotel reservation system that processes reservations. With the processing of these reservations also information becomes available that can be used for your bookkeeping. We'll be happy to sum up for you what information that is: - Invoices: Including specification of turnover and VAT bills.  - Payments: In our system you can indicate how payments are made, cash, credit card etc. - Tourist tax - Dates of stay, payment and time of booking.

Processing into the accounts
There are two triggers for RoomRaccoon to process things for accounting purposes. One trigger is to create a payment on the reservation detail page. The other is to create an invoice. 

Moments of processing
If you use an automatic accounting link, the information is sent to the accounting package once every 24 hours. This happens at night. If there are any changes in the system before the time of sending, nothing needs to be corrected for the bookkeeping. (The relevant information available at the time of sending is the information that is sent). If you want to change things after the moment of sending, the software will notify you that this is not possible. The changes will have to be made by means of a credit invoice or a change on the payment, more about that later.
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