RoomRaccoon regularly receives questions about sending invoices. This time RoomRaccoon has highlighted three questions and provided an appropriate answer for each:

Why does the status not change in the invoice overview?

When an invoice is sent from RoomRaccoon, the envelope icon in the overview gets a gray color. If this does not happen in your overview, it is possible that the language is not set correctly. Take a look at the language versions to see if an invoice might have been sent in another language version.

How can I prepare a guidance mail?

Would you like to change the text of the escrow mail of the invoice? This is possible within RoomRaccoon and can be done in the following way:

Go to your account settings (via the gear icon on the bottom left of the screen) and then click on 'documents’;

Use the green button at the top right to add a new document;

In the drop-down menu of the document-type you choose 'Invoice e-mail’ or you could scroll down to our Invoice email template and click on 'add new document' :

Then you can format your desired text.

Can I change invoices in RoomRaccoon?

When an invoice has been sent to one of your guests, it is not possible to adjust it afterwards. The only way to adjust an invoice is to delete it. Note: The reservation and the invoice is really gone and creates a gap in the consecutive invoice numbers.
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