We will be happy to explain to you how to manage the financial affairs within RoomRaccoon in case of an automatic accounting link. 

Booking and payments:
When a payment is created in RoomRaccoon, the next mutation is created. In this case, an online payment of €47.50 will be made (the corresponding general ledger account is called Payment OTA). 

Movement 2019-05-22

                                                              Debet                          Credit

_Payment OTA                                                       € 47,50                        
RoomRaccoon Journal                                                                           € 47,50_

Upon actual receipt of the amount by the OTA on the bank account, you can debit the receipt on the bank account and the OTA payment account will be reversed. 

Booking and invoices:
When an invoice is created in RoomRaccoon, the next mutation is created. It concerns a reservation of € 45,50 including VAT and € 2,00 tourist tax. When the invoice is created. The invoice will look like this. 

The mutation that is created at the creation of the invoice (and therefore also at checkout) is as follows.

Movement 2019-05-22

                                                              Debet                          Credit

_RoomRaccoon Dagboek                                    € 47,50
Revenue logies                                                                                         € 41,74                   City Tax                                                                                                      € 2,00
VAT                                                                                                            € 3,76  _

If both the payment and the invoice are booked, you will see that the ledger account RoomRaccoon diary is empty. This is because the amount of € 47.50 has been credited once and the amount of € 47.50 has been debited once.
If you are using the accounting link or financial reporting, we recommend that you manage your accounts receivable from RoomRaccoon. For each reservation, please indicate whether a payment has been made and which payment method has been used. We have made the accounts receivable management clear by applying the following colour codes in the calendar in the PMS. 

Not paid yet                                      Partly paid                                               Fully paid

Debtor list
In the reports you will find the debtor report. In here you will see a list of the companies and Bookers that still have an unpaid invoice. You will first of see all the total due invoices and total of invoices over due. 

You will also see an overview with all the outstanding tax invoices. If an invoice is long overdue, you can also send out payment reminders from this form. Remember, for this you need to first activate the payment reminder email, you can set this up in the documents screen

Suspense account
Some of the payment accounts used by RoomRaccoon are suspense account and also the general ledger accounts for unallocated entries have this character. After the bookings by RoomRaccoon there will still have to be changes in the own bookkeeping in order to process everything correctly.  As an example we take a booking via an OTA. If a booking is made via the OTA, the reservation of the RoomRaccoon will state that it has been 'paid online'. We then book this amount to the ledger account payment OTA. If the payment of the OTA is actually in your bank account, a mutation must be made with payment OTA as a counter-account.
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