If you notice that a lot of people are booking via other channels more then on your website, you can think about triggering people to book directly when they get onto your website. How to activate these codes will be explained in this article:

Using Discount Campaigns
The most important part of a discount campaign is to create always thinking strategically.
You can think about using the coupon as a loyalty tool, when sending guests after leaving so that if they return directly they have the benefit. Add this coupon code to your post departure email.

You can also use it to celebrate - the inauguration, a renovation, the birthday of the property (or someone on the team!), an event in the region... with creativity the coupon is a very nice marketing tool.

To configure your discount coupon go to the settings and select the Reservation Motor page. At the bottom of the page you will find the settings to create the coupon you need:

You can use the code you want but we advise you to create one that is easy or that refers to the season (season, festivity...). Enter the value or percentage you wish to offer, whether it is to be used once or multiple times.

Select from the calendar the dates of stay on which people can use the discount. In my example above it would only be for the guests who will stay in November.

And lastly, the deadline for the coupon to be used. After configuring, mark the + sign in the right corner, and press save.

There, your campaign was created!

How the coupon is used**
The coupon will be used on the booking engine in the upper right corner:

When checking this option the guest should inform the coupon and an e-mail:

If the guest tries to select dates that are not included in the campaign he will receive an error message.
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