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Customise filters in the list overview

Would you like to have an overview of reservations for all bills that still have to be paid? Or an overview of how many reservations have been made from a particular country? This is possible with the advanced filters for the list view. In this article we will explain how to use these filters.

For reservations, click on the 'list' option, then click on the plus sign on the right side of the screen to use the filters.

The 3 different ways to use the filters;

When you click on the column 'Show' this information will be included in the list view.

When you click on the 'Hide' column, this information will not be included in the list view.

   If you set this filter to 'show' and tick this will have an effect on your lists. With this option you can filter the days or months for the list you want to use. You can choose to change this before after or before check-in/out.

Good to know!All filter options are connected by an 'and' and not by an 'and/or'. This means that the reservation must meet all requirements and not just one. 

Advanced filters: 

Room number: This option allows you to search for reservations booked in the room in question.

Guest name: Here you can search for reservations made by the guest. Please note that the booker is not included in this search. During the search for the guest name, suggestions will already appear.

Booker: Reservations made by a booker. Do not confuse this search function with the guest! During the search you will get suggestions from the booker.

Country: By activating this filter, you can limit the list to a specific country, provided it is known.

Status: With this filter you can search on the status of the reservation.

Total price: This function searches for the total amount of the price calculation. This value is not affected by the added payments.

Due: This is the amount in the reservation that still needs to be paid as shown in the price calculation. 

Prepaid: These are the recorded payments that have been received in the reservation.

Add-on price: This is the worth of add-ons in the reservation. 

Logies price: This is the amount of the accommodation price.
*Everything that is within the given filter

External reservation number: This is the booking number of the OTA, such as This reservation number can be found under the RoomRaccoon reservation number.

Payment method: By putting this filter on display, the payment reference will be displayed in your search.

Check-in time: By setting this filter to tone, the check-in time will be displayed, provided it is specified.

Rate modification: The amount is displayed in the list of discounts and channel corrections.**Description rate modification:** When you put this on filter, it shows what the rate was before the change

Remarks OTA: These are the comments that are sent from the OTA.

Origin of booking: This is the channel which the reservation came in from. For example,, Expedia or via email.

Amount of nights: The amount of nights the booker or guests has stayed.

Amount of guests: The amount of guests staying per reservation.

Invoice reference: This filter will show the reference line of the invoice

Date invoice sent: This option will show you the date on which you sent the invoice

Check-out date: With this filter you can search for the day of reservations that has changed from status to 'checked out'. So don't confuse this until when the guest is staying. 

Notification: This shows the text that can be entered for a reminder. You can display it or filter it.

Day of notification: This is the date on which the reminder takes place. You can display it or filter it.

Good to know!_The lists you create will be updated all the time. If you get a new reservation, it will be added to the created list as soon as it matches the values.

Updated on: 18/03/2020

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