Many tour operators are used to having some sort of access to a Hotel’s PMS, so that they can make bookings without necessarily having to phone the Hotel or make a booking on the hotel’s booking button where credit cards are usually required.

With RoomRaccoon corporate booking arrangements can be made where certain companies or tour operators with whom you’ve made a special agreement with can book on your booking button, receive their discounted rate as well as finalise the booking without a credit card. 

See the steps below to start utilising this feature.

1.) Set up a STO rate 

What is a STO Rate? In the hospitality industry, hoteliers provide quotes to travel agents and tour operators at a discounted rate (below the rack rate). We call this rate a STO rate, short for Sell To Operators.

Navigate to Room Types, create a new rate type with the same rates you push to your other platforms (the discount will be set up in the next step, which is the booker profile). 

Specify that it is a STO rate in the name, i.e 1 Guest (STO) 

Select the applicable occupancy and enter the rack rate.

Next it is very important to select NO PRE PAYMENT as this will allow the tour operators to book without a credit card.

Select SHOW ONLY FOR CORPORATE ARRANGEMENT as this will prevent unintended bookers from having access to this rate type.  

Save the rate type and do the same for all relevant occupancies.

2.) Setup the corporate booker/ tour operator profile.

In order for the rate to be available for the intended booker, you must create a booker profile that allows access to the STO rate. 

Navigate to guest History 

Select create a new guest/company, or go to an existing company profile.

On the bottom right of the profile you’ll see fixed room rate/discount. 

Fill in the discount percentage or fixed room rate and select ALL the STO rates. 

Save the booker profile with the newly applied discount.

Step 3: Book with Booking ID

Now that the STO rates have been created and made available to the corporate bookers they can access and utilize this function through the hoteliers booking button. 

Firstly the Booker ID must be communicated to the corporate booker/tour operators as they will use this code to gain access to this function.  The booker ID can be found in the booker profile under the name. 

After the booker has their ID, they must go to your booking engine. On the landing page you’ll notice the do you have a discount code button on the top right, the booker must click on the button. 

Enter the booker ID followed by their email address. Please note the email address here should match the one in the booker's profile.

Now they’ll have access to the corporate arrangement platform and the STO rates will be bookable without needing a credit card. 

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