How nice that you have shown an interest in one of our accounting partners! In this article we would like to provide you with some more information about these packages and what they can do for you as a hotelier.

RoomRaccoon connects with a few partners: :





What is the reason to use accounting software?
In short: an accounting program makes your life as a hotelier easier! 

Every night, all invoices will be transferred to your package. All components (accommodation, add-ons, taxes, etc.) are split up and linked to the correct general ledger accounts per administration. So per invoice, the turnover recognised in your PMS will be added to your accounting software. RoomRaccoon takes care of the entire set-up (inventory of all relevant general ledger accounts, mapping & the activation link) and of course, keeps continuous control of the operation.

Not using any of the softwares mentioned above? Are you using a different package than the one mentioned above but you still want to work with connectivity data to simplify your accounting? Then you can sign up for the financial reporting in the system. RoomRaccoon then offers the right turnover for each ledger account on a monthly basis, which can be entered directly into your bookkeeping.  

Set up my accounting connectivity


We work with a cash system and not with an invoice system. Our employees will be happy to tell you what the monthly costs are for using accounting connectivity.
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