Expedia and Hotels.com

Step 1: Access your Partner Partner Central account and select Rates and Availability. Click on Quick Connection Settings.

Or in the new Expedia extranet select Room and Rates, and in the Setup list check the Expedia Connectivity Settings option:

Choose RoomRaccoon and check all the boxes to have the complete connection (prices and availability).

Step 2: The RoomRaccoons Connectivity Team will receive an email from Expedia. We will finalize your connection with Expedia within 2 business days.

Warning - Expedia is only available on weekdays, so it is recommended that you sign up for Expedia on a weekday.

Pricing Model

In some cases, your account is configured with pricing-model that is not compatible with the RoomRaccoon system, so our system does not appear in the connection list.

Check with Expedia if your account is set up under "Occupancy Based Pricing" - this is required to be able to connect. If you are not, please contact Expedia ([[email protected]](/cdn-cgi/l/email-protection#d1b0a2a2b8a2a591b4a9a1b4b5b8b0ffb2bebc)) as only they can make this change.
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