At hotels and B&Bs you often get to deal with business guests. Sometimes you have a price agreement with certain guests and sometimes you have a price agreement with an entire company. But how are these bookers are created?

Separate business booker with a price agreement:

Create a booker under the icon on the left (the doll). Here you can search for an existing booker or create a new one. Make sure you also indicate the company to a business booker: 

Then a price agreement can be set at the bottom right for this person.

A whole company as a booker:

Sometimes a hotel or B & B also has an agreement with an entire company to stay with them. In that case, several business bookers can be linked under one 'head booker'. As soon as a booker has a company name (as mentioned above) and it is saved, an extra button will appear in the bookers overview:

By clicking on manage company bookers, several people can be linked to the given company. By clicking here, a new page will appear that shows: 

Multiple people can be added here. This way you keep all your business guests in the right place and everything stays nice and neat!
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