Did you accidentally check out a reservation? As you've probably seen, you can't change the status anymore after checking out. This is because an invoice is created immediately when you change the status to check out. What is the best way to deal with this?

Reservations should have been cancelled;

Instead of cancelling the reservation you checked the reservation out, how do I get the room available again? After checking out, you can't drag and drop the reservation anymore. Open the reservation and scroll to the guest details. Open it with the arrow pointing downwards and click on the pencil. Now you have the option to change it to another room and place it on a 'grey room'. Grey rooms are rooms not included in the availability. If you place the reservation on this, the room will be available again.

After checking out, a check out invoice will be created. Does the guest have no cancellation costs? Then credit the invoice! 

Reservation should have been given a different status;

If you have accidentally checked out instead of checked in, it's best to leave the reservation in place. As soon as it stays in the room, it will remain occupied. Do you still want to change the room? Do this in the reservation as indicated above. Is the invoice incorrect or does there need to be an added something to the invoice? Credit the invoice!
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