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Charging (Virtual) Credit Cards via RoomRaccoon

Charging Virtual Credit Cards via RoomRaccoon

In order to be able to charge (virtual) credit cards, everything must be set up correctly. In this case, RoomRaccoon will receive the data from the relevant channel and then automatically place it in the box with the booker, so that you can immediately see whether the credit card is available and can then charge it.

Please note that different OTA’s will charge the VCC on different days.

Agoda - day of departure

Expedia - day of departure depends on the policy:

For non-refundable reservations, you’ll be able to charge the VCC on the day that the reservation is made

For partially refundable reservations, you’ll be able to charge the VCC when the reservation becomes 90% non-refundable

For all other reservations, you’ll be able to charge the VCC on the guest’s check-in date"

OTA Remarks

The OTA remarks will let you know that you have a Virual Credit Card from the OTA, as well as when it is effective from.

Good To Know

Firstly it is mandatory to set up the CVC / CCV with so that this is communicated with RoomRaccoon.

For this you need to contact Without this code, Stripe can not collect.

In addition, it is important that you set Stripe to your Merchant type 7011. They call this MCC and the code 7011 stands for: Lodging - Motels, Hotels etc.

If this is not set, Stripe does not accept virtual credit cards from online travel agencies and they will not be available in the right box. You can contact Stripe for this.

Updated on: 18/07/2022

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