With the use of a payment service provider (PSP), you have a very useful tool in the financial management of your accommodation. 

Firstly, it simplifies the collection procedure for your guests on a large scale. Secondly, it makes the entire procedure much safer, and more professional. Last but not least it may save a decent amount of money on settlement costs. 

But how does everything work?
Your guest makes a reservation for your accommodation through your Booking Engine. RoomRaccoon allows you to receive an instant EFT or credit card prepayment. This prepayment will be done in a 3DSecure way, meaning that the guest has to verify the payment. This helps you to avoid getting any chargebacks after the guest stayed with you.

With reservations from any other booking channel (i.e. Booking.com), the procedure is similar. The (virtual) credit card details are stored in RoomRaccoon and allows you to easily charge the (virtual) credit card, via 'credit card charge'. Steps:

Fill in desired amount

Fill in password (your normal login password)

Click on charge credit card

If you charged too much or if you want to refund the rest of the deposit for instance, you can do a rebate by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side:

The made rebate will then show in red:

Important to know: Rebates only work for credit card payments, not for other payment methods.

Now imagine the following scenario: you receive a reservation by phone and need to collect credit card data for the customer to prepay, probably almost all the guests will not want to give (and rightly so) you the Credit card information via the phone. With Stripe, at the time of the call, you send an email to the customer requesting payment. To do so, simply click on the Request Payment button in the booking form. Important is that you have the email address added to the Booker field or this will not work.

If you want to reserve an amount on someone's credit card as a guarantee (this can be to guarantee the stay or to cover for potential incidentals like the minibar), you can pre-authorise this amount.

Once an amount is pre-authorised, it shows in yellow and can be captured (meaning charged for good) by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side.

Important to know: Preauthorisations expire after 7 days. Deleting the preauthorisation does not result in a premature release of the blocked amount.
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