Use your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine to offer more value to your guests. This does not necessarily mean that you need to give a discount. Think about great combination deals and work together with local partners such as restaurants, the bowling alley or the cinema. 

Add a package deal

A package deal is in fact a rate type. Navigate to the rate types tab in your room type settings and add a new rate type. Give your package deal a catchy name and add a unique selling point that highlights your package in your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. 

You can make the price dependent on another (derived pricing) or set an independent total price for your package. In the above example, the price for the Romantic Getaway package is derived off of the 1 Guest rate. Make sure to set the rate type as bookable via your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine by ticking the little box next to that option as indicated below:

Add-ons included or excluded

In RoomRaccoon you have two options when setting up package deals. Each option influences the way RoomRaccoon deals with your package for your reports, your invoices as well as in your Booking Engine.

Add-ons included in the total price

If you offer a package deal, then you probably prefer that only the total package price is visible to your guests. However, the package may contain different add-ons with either low or high tax rate. These tax rates should be separated in your reports as well as on your invoices. 

Let's say you offer a Dine & Dream Package for €200_,-_  This package includes a night in your hotel or B&B (low tax rate), a dinner (low tax rate) and a bottle of Prosecco (high tax rate). Your guest should book the total price of €200,- and this is also the amount that should be stated on the invoice. 

By including add-ons in your package deal, RoomRaccoon PMS will make sure that your guests only sees the total amount, however, RoomRaccoon distracts the charges of the add-ons from the total amount and calculates the applying tax charges separately. Complex? Here is what happens: 

Total price of the package deal: €200,-

Included is the add-on dinner:  - €100
Also included is the add-on Prosecco: - €25

This leaves the price for the logies: € 75,-

_RoomRaccoon applies low tax charges to €175,- and the high tax charge to €25,-.
In your reports, RoomRaccoon will show  €75,- revenue for logies and €125,- revenue generated by add-ons.  _

Add-ons excluded from the total price

In your RoomRaccoon PMS, you can use packages to deal with additional charges that need to be booked mandatorily. Think about charges such as cleaning fees or administration costs. Please note that we strongly advise against those costs as they might feel a bit sneaky to guests. But, of course, the choice is up to you! 

Usually, these extra charges are fixed fees that are being added to a booking independent to the length of stay of a guest. You charge a cleaning fee at the end of the stay, whereby it does not matter if your guest stayed for a day or a week.   

The add-ons that you do exclude from the total price will not be shown in your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine until your guest has chosen a particular rate type. If a rate type has been chosen, the additional charges will show neatly on the summary of the booking that your guest is intending to make. 

Show as add-ons or as arrangement

You also have the choice whether you want every single add-on to be shown individually on the invoice or if you just  them to be grouped together under their respective VAT percentage.

Another reason...

Another reason (besides the fact that guests do not appreciate excluded charges) is that you need to be cautious about how booking channels deal with the matter. 

Our experience is that each booking channel handles these charges differently, which might lead to problems when connecting to your RoomRaccoon Channel Manager. Remember, RoomRaccoon is dependent on the information a booking channels sends and extra charges are often not included within the envelop.
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