Many hoteliers choose to use a different rate type on booking channels in order to compensate the commission costs. This is no problem with RoomRaccoon, let us show you how to set this up. 

Many booking channels have a lowest price guarantee that you probably have agreed to. You might risk that booking channels exclude your property if you are in conflict with the agreed up on lowest rate. _

Setting up rates for OTAs (online travel agencies)

Add in your RoomRaccoon account new rate types which we will connect to all or a particular OTA. Navigate to the key-icon, log in as administrator and navigate to your room types. Next to your room types, the belonging rate types are listed. Here you can add a new price type which then is automatically connected to the correct room type.

We advise you to name your rate types something like '_1 guest (OTA)_'. By doing so, it is easy to see in your RoomRaccoon agenda where your bookings come from. 

Unique Selling Point (Booking Engine only)**
You do not need to add a unique selling point as the information only shows on your own RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. 

Let RoomRaccoon PMS know for how many guest you are setting up this rate type. Make sure to fill this in correctly as this will have an influence on the connection to the booking channels as well as your reports.  

Derived from**
This is a very useful feature for rate types for booking channels. Derived rates react to changes made to another rate types. They listen to their parent rate... Let us give you an example: 

Standard Rate: 1 guest --> 100,- Euro
Derived Rate: 1 guest (OTA) +5,- Euro

Whenever you make changes to your standard rate using the Channel Manager, let's say you change the rate to 90,- Euro as a last minute discount, the derived rate will automatically change as well to 95,- Euro.

Price per night
Here you set the rate per night. If you do use derived pricing, you simply add the extra charge or discount you want to apply.

Pre-Payment (Booking Engine only)**
You do not need to set a pre-payment as this also only has an influence on RoomRaccoon's Booking Engine. If you want that your guest pay in advance on booking channels, you will need to set this up in the booking channel directly. Please keep in mind that not all booking channels support payment processing. 

Show in Booking Engine**
Make sure that you do not tick this box. This will prevent that your new rate type is bookable via your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. 

Breakfast included (Booking Engine only)**
Also this box only influences how your rate displays in your Booking Engine and has no influence on booking channels. Therefore you do not need to tick this box.

In a number of cases you want to use a different room rate per booking channel. For example, you can use an alternative price for Expedia, Hotel Specials or But you can also set an alternative price for non-refundable bookings. Commissions fees are charged for most booking channels. That is why many hoteliers choose to increase the room rate when a booking is made via one of these channels. Purely to compensate for the additional commission costs. Within the booking module of RoomRaccoon it is therefore important to clearly indicate which price can be shown where.

Visibility of room prices in the booking module.

Visibility of room prices in the booking module. If you use different room rates, make sure that not every room rate is visible in the Booking Engine of RoomRaccoon. Otherwise, the rates specifically for or Expedia are between the normal prices in the booking engine and that can be confusing. Not only a visitor will see a lot of unnecessary prices, but also prices that do not apply to a booking through the booking module of the hotel website.

Within RoomRaccoon you can easily check in the system if you want a room price presentable in the Booking Engine. If you want a specific room rate to be shown, then check the "visible in Booking Engine" checkbox. Do you have a room rate for an external channel and you don’t want it to be displayed in the booking engine? Then you uncheck the relevant option. This keeps the room rates in the booking engine neat, clear and organized.
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