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Calendar & list view

On default, RoomRaccoon hotel management software is set to the calendar view, showing you all your bookings in a (hard to guess) calendar layout. 

Depending on the information you are looking for, however, the list view is a nice tool that gives you additional information about your bookings. 

Calendar view

The calendar view sorts your bookings in a calendar layout. This view gives you and your team the best information you would need to manage your front desk tasks. Who is checking-in today? Which room is still available? You instantly get an answer to these kind of questions.

List view

The list view gives you a bit more detailed information and is in particular handy to use if you are dealing regularly with invoices that are paid long after the guest's departure. 

Use the list view to sort the bookings by the information that you need. Do you still want to see how many unpaid invoices there during a specific period of time? The list view will quickly give you an answer. Maybe you need to download a few invoices? This can be done within seconds using the list view. 

Still not enough information? You can also download the list view to Excel. In this download, you will find all the information available about the bookings within the selected period of time.

Updated on: 18/03/2020

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