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Many hotels and B & Bs offer breakfast as well as a stay. In that case it is often useful to have a breakfast list. The breakfast list is automatically generated in the RoomRaccoon system.

Navigate in the agenda above to the breakfast list.

If you click on this, you will come close to the breakfast lists. There can be filtered here on the people who do have breakfast, do not have breakfast or everyone who is in the hotel.

Here, the breakfast lists can also be generated in advance by selecting above the date. The guest name is included and the price type that is booked. At the bottom a number of icons will be visible. These indicate the total number of rooms, the number of guests who continue to eat and also how many rooms have breakfast included.

It is possible to make some add-ons visible on the breakfast list. Navigate within the RoomRaccoon system to the room key at the top left. There you can click on add-ons.

Add-ons that you can think about that can be made visible on the breakfast list include gluten intolerance, bridal breakfast, champagne breakfast, etc.
This way, you and your staff know exactly what to prepare for breakfast.

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