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In this section we focus on setting up your Booking Engine. This really only needs to be done once, but of course changes can take place if, for example, the house style of your accommodation changes. You can find the page of the Booking Engine by clicking on the gear at the bottom left. You log in with the administrator password. At the top there will be a tab with Booking Engine.

At the Booking Engine there are a number of things that need to be put right, but also elements that you can choose whether you want to do this yes or no.

Would you like to automate your payments? Then we advise you to work with Stripe. This is an online payment provider that makes it possible to work with prepayments but also to arrange payments from the system, credit cards directly, request payment requests via IDEAL and a credit card number is verified immediately. Stripe is easily created. For more info on this, read this article 'Pairing with Stripe'

When making a reservation, the name, number and email address of the guest is always requested. Would you also like to know the address of these people? You can make this compulsory to fill in!

If you want to offer your Booking Engine in several languages (this is advisable to receive more foreign direct bookings), you can choose on the left which languages the Booking Engine is visible. ATTENTION, own content must be translated. The translations of the tariffs names, your descriptions, add-ons, etc.
Do you want to prevent people from booking and then standing in front of your door an hour later? You can indicate how much can be booked through your website. However, this is only for your own website and not for your external channels. You will have to focus on that yourself

The branding can be set to the right. Here you can upload a logo that will be visible on your Booking Engine. This is also on your invoices. So look for the color white, as this falls away on the background of the invoices. If you still want white, give your logo an outline.

Bookings conditions can also be set under this section. They must then tick people as being read before they can finalise the booking. Here too a translation will have to be applied if you have multiple languages.

Do you want people to return to your website after making a booking? Which can! A return URL can be set so that people return to the website after making the booking.

At the bottom of the page, you will find the option to generate coupon codes. These are discount codes that people can use on your own Booking Engine to stay at a certain discount. You can create this code yourself and, for example, send it out with automated documents.

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