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All about add-ons & up-selling

Add-ons are a great way to increase revenue for your hotel or B&B. As the name suggests, you and your guests can add extra charges to a booking. We like to think of the way RoomRaccoon PMS handles add-ons as one of our best features! So stick with us and read this article. It will help you to increase your revenue as well as your guest's experience. 

Adding & managing add-ons

Navigate to the add-ons tab in your property settings. Here you can add a new add-on or manage the exciting once. Before we explain all about how to set up your add-on, it is useful to make a quick detour and have a look at the different kinds of add-ons.

Simple paid add-ons

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of add-ons are extra charges like a a late check-out or a bottle of Champagne. These are common paid add-ons that you might want to offer to your guests while making a reservation via your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. 

Add-ons without a charge

With your RoomRaccoon PMS, you can go one step further. Add not-paid or free add-ons that your guests can book in advance. Good examples would be a gluten free diary or a preference for single beds. These are things hoteliers usually do not charge extra for, but are very useful for the hotelier to know in advance.

You might not have always gluten free bread and it is nice to know before the check-in of your guests (and preferably before your HK-team is done) that you need to separate the beds. 

Add-ons charged per night

Let RoomRaccoon PMS do the math for you. If you set up an add-on to be charged per night, RoomRaccoon will automatically adjust the price according to the length of stay of your guests. Good examples of add-ons that usually are charged per night are baby beds, a dog charge or an extra bed. 

Add-ons charged per person

You can also make the price of an add-on dependent on the number of guests. Let's say you offer bike rental. If the booking is made for two guests, RoomRaccoon PMS will know that there should be two bikes added to the bill. 

Add-ons charged per stay

We strongly would like to discourage you to add charges like cleaning fees that initially are not included in the rate but are mandatory to be added to a booking. In our opinion these kind of charges never leave a good impression with guests, however, if you offer a vacation rental we surely understand that these charges might belong to your pricing strategy. 

Therefore, you can add one time charges that are calculated once per stay. The difference to simple add-ons is that the guest actually has not a choice if he/she wants to book the add-on. It is simply being added to the booking. 

Important add-ons

You can mark an add-on as important which visually highlights the add-on in your agenda. This is a very useful feature for booked add-ons that require some kind of action from you. 

Maybe you do not have always a bottle of Champagne chilling in your fridge? Surely, you want to be reminded about cooling a bottle in the morning instead of having to serve it warm just after you have figured out during the check-in that the guest has booked a (cold) bottle. 

Add-ons that cannot be booked in advance

Do you have a mini bar? Mini bar items are a great example of add-ons that shouldn't be bookable via your RoomRaccoon Booking Engine. Yet, it is very handy to add them to your list as you can set the price and the VAT. This makes it much easier for your staff members to add a Coca Cola, beer or some Pringles to the bill. No need to look up the price and no chance to forget filling in the VAT percentage.

Updated on: 18/03/2020

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