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Would you like to link your Airbnb listings to RoomRaccoon? A full integration is possible by following the below steps!

Important: Do you have any Airbnb iCal connections that are active? Delete these first!!
Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen and then click on the connectivity tab.
Open your Airbnb iCal connection by clicking on the pencil icon and then click on 'delete'.
Log in to your Airbnb account and make sure that the iCal connection is also removed from there.

Now that the iCal connections have been removed, we can proceed with the full integration

Connect to Airbnb
Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of the screen and then click on the connectivity tab.
Under available connections, click on the OTA tab and select Airbnb by clicking on the green +
You will be redirected to Airbnb and will be required to log in to your Airbnb account.
Once you have agreed to the terms you will be redirected back to your RoomRaccoon account.
Open the Airbnb connection by clicking on the green pencil icon.

Choose which options you would like to manage within RoomRaccoon
At the top you will see 'Airbnb unmapped listings', these are the listings which have been imported from your Airbnb account. Please be aware that these are your pre-existing listings. Don't have any Airbnb listings yet? You can then publish your room types from RoomRaccoon on to Airbnb to turn them into listings.
Click on 'update listing' to connect the listing to RoomRaccoon
If you have a room type in RoomRaccoon that is not yet listed on Airbnb you will be able to scroll down to 'not yet mapped' and click on 'add to Airbnb'
Then click on 'Map' to link it to the correct room type, select the correct room type and select a rate type (rate per person will be changed later on) Select your base rate here!
Click on 'Map listing'
Scroll down to the listing that has just been mapped and click on 'publish'
Once this has been done you will be able to manage your Airbnb listing from within RoomRaccoon

Manage your Airbnb listings from RoomRaccoon
Click on 'Update listing'
You will now see all of the information that has been imported from Airbnb. Have you added a listing from RoomRaccoon? Complete the information!
Go to 'pricing' at the bottom left of the page, an additional amount can be added per extra person on top of the mapped rate. In the 'price per extra person' you can indicate what that amount should be.
Once the information has been updated and is correct, you can send the availability to Airbnb through a mass update.
(to do a mass update, click on Rates & Availability on the left side of the screen and then click on the 'Mass Update' tab. Adjust the date for the year and then click on 'push availability' as well as 'push all rates')

Do I have to connect all of my listings on RoomRaccoon? No, you need only map the listings you would like to connect to RoomRaccoon.
I would like to manage only my rates through RoomRaccoon, can I do so? Yes, you can. Click on 'update listing' once the page has loaded at the top you can choose what you want to manage.
I can no longer edit my listing in Airbnb - How is that possible? This means that you manage the entire listing from RoomRaccoon. You can update your listing from within RoomRaccoon and we will forward it to Airbnb!
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